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Lot #3424: Stargate SG-1 200 Jack O’Neill Prototype Puppet


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Production made puppet comprised of resin and wood parts. Puppet features twelve points of articulation, an aluminum skeleton with wood dowels on the inside and an electrical connection down the spine. Puppet is permanently attached to a stand via a brass rod. Head is made of foam-filled latex in the likeness of Richard Dean Anderson, with faux gray hair on the top of the head. Head is easily removed from the rest of the body. Pin from the left ankle is missing. Includes production marks “DO NOT SEPARATE THESE 2 PIECES” on left thigh, “ONLY FOR ROD PUPPETS” on left upper leg, and "S/4″ on the upper buttox. Hands are painted flesh tones, while the rest of the body remains unpainted. Stand base is painted gun metal gray. Measures 22.5in × 7in × 5in. Stand measures 0.75in tall and 5.5in square.


Prototype puppet created for the Stargate SG-1 Season Ten episode, “200”, an episode which marked the milestone 200th episode of the series. This prototype was created by the studio which produced the “Team America” puppets, and features a head in the likeness of an older Jack O’Neill. The O’Neill that eventually appeared on screen was modeled into a younger Jack, more akin to the age of Richard Dean Anderson from the SG-1 pilot (and when the scene is set).


Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1


Week 38: ending January 23, 2010


Taken by Propworx staff directly from The Bridge Studios, where MGM’s Stargate series were produced.


Not currently available.

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