Addendum, Battlestar Galactica: Creating the Legend

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Lot 23 (Prison Ship Control Room Concept Drawings): Features 6 items instead of 4. 5 are vellum, 1 is a composite print.

Lot 24 (Prison Ship Cell and Hallway Concept Drawings): Features 9 items instead of 6. 6 are vellum, 2 greywash, 1 color.

Lot 26 (Six Cylon Raider Interior Concept Drawings): Features 7 items not 6. 6 are vellum, 1 on paper. All pencil.

Lot 60 (The Hand of God Concept Sketches): Features 8 items not 5. All pieces are older, generic older versions of the table markers with stands & no details.

Lot 111 (Starbuck’s Flight Suit): Comes with small runners.

Lot 113 (Starbuck’s Green BDUs): Comes with boots.

Lot 118 (Starbuck’s Outfit from “Lay Down Your Burdens”): Includes knit black and green gloves.

Lot 120 (Starbuck’s Black Marine BDUs): The gloves included are not “hero”.

Lot 124 (Apollo’s Flight Suit): This is Apollo’s flight suit worn in cockpit scenes, with reattached legs that had been cut off at the knees. The flight suit worn in “Resurrection Ship” is no longer featured in this auction.

Lot 134 (Apollo’s Caprica Flashback Civilian Clothing): Comes with brown sandals.

Lot 191 (Racetrack’s Green Sports Bra and Galactica Zip-Down Sweatshirt): Includes shoes.

Lot 194 (Hot Dog’s Green BDUs): Includes black boots.

Lot 196 (Hot Dog’s Civilian Wear from Season 1): Includes brown cross trainers.

Lot 198 (Seelix’s New Caprica Clothing): Includes shoes.

Lot 206 (Jammer’s Yellow Jumpsuit): The boots are not hero, as these were lost during wrap.

Lot 208 (Kelly’s Duty Blues): Includes boots.

Lot 214 (Laura Rosl’s Miniseries Business Suit #1): Includes dress shoes.

Lot 260 (Head Six’s Red Dress): Includes shoes.

Lot 261 (A Six Miniseries Suit): Includes boots.

Lot 264 (Six’s New Caprica Dress Suit): Includes shoes.

Lot 265 (Head Six’s Green Satin Dress): Includes shoes.

Lot 267 (Caprica Six’s Sheer Black Miniseries Outfit): Includes belt.

Lot 269 (Caprica Six’s Outfit from “Downloaded”): Includes boots.

Lot 272 (Tory’s Business Suit): Includes extra top.

Lot 273 (Tory’s New Caprica Outfit): Includes boots.

Lot 295 thru 298 (Final Five Robes): All include shoes, socks, gloves, hood, and head sock.

Lot 299 (Duty Blues Officer’s Uniform - Female Size 6): Has size 29 pant.

Lot 738 (Chinese Warrior Statue with Display Stand): Statue was broken during shipping and was repaired by Propworx employee.

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