Addendum: The Official Star Trek Prop and Costume Auction

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Posted 07 August 2010


Lot 04
Original Series Command Insignia
The TOS patch has been withdrawn as we have doubts about its authenticity.

Lot 26
Amargosa Observatory Translite
From the collection of Erik C. Andersen and not Doug Drexler.


Lot 05
Sulu Tunic
The Sulu tunic has had its description revised as follows:

Two additional TOS costume experts have examined this tunic and because of the presence of a nylon zipper (TOS costumes had metal zippers, while Phase II costumes had nylon zippers typically) the costume was either made for Phase II or was a third season tunic that had its zipper replaced for Phase II. It is not possible to definitely state third season use. None the less, Bill Theiss did affirmatively state that the tunic was Sulu's and the attached tag confirms this. We provide this clarification to be entirely accurate in this costume's description.

Set Pieces

Lot 173
Original Series Style Captain's Chair and Railing
Included in lot number 173, TOS captains chair from the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribulations" is a back section of the bridge railing.

This Star Trek original series bridge rail piece sat behind the captains chair on both the left and right sides and served as a single piece of numerous railings that circled the bridge of the Enterprise. This piece is made from wood with a square base and featuring two pillars on each side supporting a top rail section, and is painted black and red. Piece measures 40'x 12'x 40'.

Lot 204
Hero Sickbay Translite Panel
Note, the image for lot 204 is a reverse image witch shows the backside of the item, the correct image of the item is listed in the archive.

Production Art

Lot 43
Enterprise-E Enters Briar Patch Original Artwork
From the collection of Doug Drexler, not Doiug Drexler.

Lot 44
Enterprise-E Departs Ba'ku Original Artwork
From the collection of Doug Drexler, not Doiug Drexler.

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